Sunday, November 15, 2009

Twelve Days and Counting: Thanksgiving Approaches...

Although it's supposed to be one of the happiest times of the year, let's face it: Thanksgiving can be a very stressful holiday! Whether you spend it with family or friends, whether you're in charge of one dish or an entire menu, and whether your party includes one special someone or two dozen someones, there's always a bit of uncertainty and anxiety that accompanies the preparation of the meal and the setting of the scene. It's been this way from the first Thanksgiving--which was most certainly not a time of great ease and relaxation for anyone!--and every year thousands of cooks and hosts feel a similar mixture of anticipation and dread.

But with a few of the right tips, you can move from "Whoa..." to "Wow!" and make Thanksgiving a time of delights and surprises instead of stress and obligations. I'm here to help: You can do Thanksgiving effectively, efficiently, and with an elegance that will make you proud and make your guests gasp in admiration. In the days leading up to this very American holiday, I'll be offering some helpful advice. From decorating the table to cooking the turkey to crafting a unique cocktail, let me help you not only survive the holiday, but enjoy it fully by surprising your guests and yourself with what a little creativity can do!

Let the countdown begin!

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