Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pasta A La Cognac....A Creamy Comfort Food

Its a cold and snowy day in New York. My office is closed so I am working from home; and all I can think about is "Ravioli a la Cognac". Why is it when we are snug at home, we often crave comfort food? I first had this dish at a small Italian restaurant in Farmingdale New York. It was so delicious. It is kind of like Penne A la Vodka but with a fabulous unique flavor. We offer it on one of our pasta stations at our parties and the guests always come back for more. They usually say, "OMG ..what 's in this?". So let me inspire you to make this amazing meal at home for your friends and family.


1/4 lb. prosciutto ham, chopped ( or pancetta)

1 lb. penne pasta / or cheese ravioli/ or tortellini

1 28 oz. can chopped tomatoes

1 tbsp. olive oil

3 tbsp. chopped onion

1 tsp. chopped garlic

1 tbsp. parsley flakes

1 tbsp. crushed bay leaves

1 tsp. crushed red pepper

1/4 c. cognac

1 c. heavy cream

2 c. Parmesan cheese


1. Saute garlic and onions in olive oil. Add crushed tomatoes, prosciutto, parsley, bay leaves, red pepper, cognac and simmer for about 10 minutes in medium heat.
2. Cook pasta and drain.
3. Add heavy cream to sauce and cook for 2 minutes in low heat.
4. Mix pasta in sauce and add Parmesan cheese.

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